Monday, January 02, 2006


Dick Clark was on the radio and tv many years before I was born, and I'll be 50 later this year. He's a pop-icon and major mover-and-shaker in the entertainment industry.

Dick Clark Productions has had decades of success in radio, tv, movies, and even the restaurant industry. His successes are equaled by few, if any.

After hearing he suffered a stroke last year, I was looking forward to his appearance Saturday night for the lowering of the ball in Times' Square. Looking forward, and curious.

The show opened with Seacreast and the mayor of New York. They introduced Clark a few moments later.

Clark looked a bit older, thinner, but that wasn't unexpected. What was unexpected was his speech. I was stunned. It was obvious he had a stroke and was still suffering the effects of it. My first thought was of Kirk Douglas, however, Clark's speech was in better shape, though he did struggle at times.

It was not the same Dick Clark we're accustomed to--"America's oldest teenager"--not by a long shot. To watch him in this shape was painful and, at times, uncomfortable.

I'm sure Clark worked hard at recovering and made this year's appearance a goal in the recovery process. I wish him the best.

If you stayed up to see Dick Clark, then you saw Mariah Carey's appearance with her two closest friends. They arrived just before she did and tried to make their own appearence several times--'Nuff said.

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