Friday, December 23, 2005


This wiretapping issue, and Bush's use of it in the fight against terrorism, has become the MSM's newest "possible" scandal in the fight against all things Bush.

In the end, it won't matter if Bush is found to be acting in accordance with the laws, because in the meantime, the MSM will get to run their headlines, "Bush Spying On Americans," in an effort to do him damage. If Bush's actions are found to be legal, the MSM will quietly drop the issue and move back to more fertile ground, such as Karl Rove.

This issue is a complicated one. Lawyers are swimming through the constitution in an effort to understand what the President's authority actually is. But it's becoming more clear how far the President is able to go in protecting the public.

The boys at Powerline have posted their analysis of the situation here and here. Also, Betsy's Page has info from Hugh Hewitt here. All are lawyers.

Since the MSM will be attempting to turn "presidential wiretapping" into the latest media-manufactured controversy, Betsy has a link listing 2005's controversies. Re-live them all here.

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