Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The democrats hold many solid positions on the issues of the day, especially if said positions have a chance of scoring political points against Bush. But on the most important issue of the day, the war in Iraq, Pelosi proudly states that the democratic party holds not one, but many, positions on the war. And that's how the party of diversity will enter the 2006 election cycle: In disagreement.

This is the party that wants to lead this great nation, but after reading this Washington Post article, where Pelosi outlines her party's position, or non-position, you'll soon realize why the democrats won't be leading anything come 2006. Mother Sheehan has nothing to do with this article--just thought you'd enjoy another sickening pic of her. Read it here.

***If you still think Hillary hasn't decided if she's running for the White House in '08 and that Fox News is completely slanted to the right, then you didn't watch Greta interviewing Hillary last night. After watching the interview, I was sure Greta had quit Fox News and was working on Hillary's campaign. The fact that Hillary agreed to be interviewed by Greta tells you all you need to know about Greta. I couldn't get a transcript of the interview, but this article by Cliff Kincaid, about Greta's politics, fills in all the blanks. Read it here.

***Ever wish you could attend one of those Beverly Hills' cocktail parties where a bunch of libs sit around discussing politics? Bridget at GOP Vixen was invited, and she sat directly behind Ed Asner. Ben Stein was there, too, but he left after getting a free cocktail or two. Join the party here.

***Pam at Blogmeister USA was taking the walking tour of New York City as she made her way to work today. She's covering the city's transit strike on her blog, and she throws in her views on unions, as well. Start walking here.

***Chris at Lucky Dawg News will enjoy Betsy's post about his favorite governor. Richardson might not have been scouted by professional baseball, but he makes up for it by being a "hands on" governor. Enjoy it all here.

***After the plane in Miami went into the water, killing all aboard, the MSM (tv) were reporting that this was not an act of terrorism. No one has an idea as to what caused this crash, but when the MSM reports that it isn't terrorism, that makes me think it is. Shows you how nervous the airline industry is.

***Want to get really pissed off? Michelle Malkin and Lucky Dawg News posted about the Germans. However upset you get, this terrorist isn't long for this world.

***Need a smile now? Mary Christmas!!

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