Sunday, December 25, 2005


You'll want to read this article, that is, if you eat food. "Acrylamide" has shown up in a few articles here and there but it's getting more attention of late. This chemical was just discovered a few years ago; it may be something to consider next time you're eating or feeding your kids.

I think it's worthy of consideration because of this alone:

"The Environmental Protection Agency considers acrylamide potentially so dangerous that it has fixed the safe level for human consumption at almost zero, with a maximum permissible level in drinking water of 0.5 parts per billion."

"By comparison, a 2.4-ounce serving of French fries, a small portion at McDonald's, contains about 401 parts per billion, a small, vending-machine-sized bag of potato chips 466 parts per billion."

I don't know what all of this means, but 401 and 466 parts per billion compared to 0.5 ppb for water sounds daunting. However, I have never eaten a small order of McDonald's fries. So, if the danger is accurate, just know that my headstone has a broadband connection, because it has always been "large fries" for me!!

Read the article at the LA Times (reg required).

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