Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I added a couple blogs to my blogroll that I think you'll like, that is, if you're not a liberal. And, I had to cut one blog from the list because he doesn't blog anymore. I was a fan of Viet Pundit but he announced he was cutting back, and cut back he did. Too bad. Froggy is having some problems of late getting into blogging, but I will wait on him--he's a SEAL and we don't leave these guys behind. He's good.

The add-ons are The Noonz Wire and Common Sense America.

I ran into The Noonz Wire through the Brainster's Hitching Post and was pleasantly surprised to see I was on his blogroll. Never heard of the guy before but I like his blog. I picked up on Common Sense America through Granny Tiger's blog. CSA is operated by one Christi King and she's my kinda gal, as you'll see when you read this post.

Take a gander at these blogs and see what you think.

If by chance you don't like them, I know you'll love this one, (Monroe butt crack) and this one, and perhaps this one.

However, if you don't like anything I linked to, stare at this for a spell--then go blind.

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