Tuesday, February 28, 2006


**Last night's "24" was as good as ever. President Logan is making me sicker, though. For the best in "24" coverage, go here and here.

**Have you seen the new video of Natalee Holloway sitting at a gaming table with Joron? What is a high school girl doing sitting at a gaming table with a cocktail in hand? Natalee's group had chaperones, but where were they? I find it interesting that no one makes these observations in the reports. Joron is guilty as the day is long. His family comes from money, power and influence in Aruba, and if his family believed for a nanosecond that Joron was not involved in her murder, they would've dumped on those other two cretins right out of the gate and moved on with their lives. May Joron live in interesting times.

**Did anyone watch "The State of the Black Union" on c-span the other day? I found it hard to believe the MSM failed to cover this story, especially in light of what Rev. Farrakhan had to say. The MSM didn't miss a chance to mention the plight of blacks when it came to Katrina, but when the so-called black leadership makes outrageous statements, they're nowhere to be found. La Shawn Barber has a post.--Scroll down a bit.

**Barney Fife is gone from our world, but he lives each day on our tv sets. Tonight, TVLand will be having a marathon of the Andy Griffith Show. Here's a good ad for the show.

** Anyone have an idea what the angle is here? I'm confused.

**Thomas Sowell's latest.

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