Sunday, February 19, 2006


I think writing long posts about Hollywood liberals is a major waste of time. These folks don't live in the real world, have too much money, and have an inflated opinion about their expertise on worldly matters. A post like this will work fine:

"Richard Dreyfuss is an idiot; so is Alec Baldwin."

I suppose I should thank Pam at BlogmeisterUSA for saving me some time. Thanks.

Instead of posting about some liberal actor hailing from Hollywood, I will post about the man (book) who made Richard Dreyfuss famous: Peter Benchley. Benchley died last week.

His book, Jaws, changed our views on "going into the water". I know it changed me. In the '70s I would spend many a day at the beach in Florida, body surfing. While in the Army at Ft. Ord, (Monterey) many of us would go to the beach to swim, not once giving thought to what's in the water. Until, that is, Jaws hit the movie screen.

I read the book before I saw the movie; it was a hard book to put down. I started and finished the book while in a foxhole down by King City at Fort Hunter Liggett. Don't worry, there wasn't a war going on, so the nation was never in danger. After seeing the movie, I never again dipped so much as a toe in the ocean.

Did the movie have an affect on you?

The movie, which I've seen about 20 times, was packed with mistakes from beginning to end. Next time you see the movie, see if you can find them. Here they are.

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