Monday, February 13, 2006


**PRO BOWL update: The NFL certainly goes all out when it comes to the Pro Bowl. It appears a tremendous amount of work goes into these events, and they pulled it off rather well.

The National Anthem ceremony was extravagant, with a giant American flag covering the field. Honor Guards from various units were announced and presented the Colors with precision. The Anthem was sung and topped off with a fly-over by a locally based fighter wing. Yes, a lot of planning goes into these events.

Missing from the show, again, was any mention of our soldiers currently engaged in combat. Would it be too much for the NFL to announce a "moment of silence in tribute to those soldiers facing combat--pray for their safe return home?" Too much? Hardly.

As I said before, there is MORE to this story. This seems to be a POLICY so to not upset a certain segment of the world. I'll be back to this again.

**COMMON SENSE AMERICA, I call it CSA, for short, has linked to an interesting and thought provoking piece that will surely upset scores...well, 1.4 billion, to be exact. Go to Christi's site through this door and follow the link to "The Queer Muhammed."

**NASCAR'S Bud Shootout: Exciting stuff. I was impressed at the opening ceremonies when they had a man of the cloth saying a prayer. Nancy Pelosi, had she been in the crowd, would've had a stroke. Imagine that, quoting from the bible in a public place. What's this country coming to? I picked Jeff Gordon but he didn't finish the race. Broken oil cooler.

**DO NOT MISS Rush's show this morning. He just returned from Pebble Beach, and always has great stories of his trip, his game, people he met, and a round-up of everything that happened last week while he was gone. The man's got the life, huh?

**ONE POST below, you will see the updated list of people who have mentioned the NFL post. I have some emails indicating more support is on the way.

**YOU VICIOUS, vicious people. How could you be so cruel?

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