Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Hume/Cheney interview went well, I thought. Hume hit all the questions and pressed when he thought he needed something nailed down.

There's no story here other than it was an accident involving the VP. However, it's obvious the WHPC is attempting to make something out of it since they got scooped by a local that wouldn't be allowed to carry David Gregory's dry cleaning.

Cheney's excuse for not notifying the press immediately is understandable, but only to an extent. Wanting to get Mr. Whittington medical attention, first, and to insure that family members were made aware of the accident before they heard the story on tv, only goes so far. I can see this taking a few hours but after that it gets rather thin.

I'm sure Cheney wanted to avoid the Sunday papers along with the Sunday morning talk shows--had they gotten their hands on this fresh meat, the story would have went through all kinds of speculative ups and downs. Cheney admitting he had a beer at lunch will only lead to trouble for him, because conspiracy theorists will make the case that Cheney was drinking and needed the time to sober up, a la Whiskey Ted, circa 1969. Cheney does have a couple DUIs in his past, so this angle isn't that far out there, and, besides, consuming alcohol before hunting is a big no-no.

I think Cheney allowed this story to go out through a local reporter for one reason, and one reason only: It was Cheney's way of telling the WHPC to f-off. And you can't blame him for that one, either.

Since the MSM was left out in the cold on the original, breaking story, and on the first interview afterwards, the MSM will be gunning (npi) for both Cheney and Bush, and not nicely like before.

Bush will pay the price during his next press conference, that is, if he has another one.

The MSM's actions are troubling and the time has come, I think, to really do something about it. Hey, someone else feels the same way.

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