Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Former Governor George Ryan's trial is fast becoming the modern day version of "12 Angry Men." In fact, today, they'd have to call the movie, "12 Very Pissed-Off People."

Since the jury departed the courtroom to deliberate the case, the judge has had to remove two jurors for falsifying information on the juror questionnaire. And, amazingly, the judge has decided to allow the jury to continue, replacing the two jurors with alternates.

The stakes are huge for both sides, but especially for Ryan. It's trench warfare, to say the least.

Today, the jury sent the judge a note asking for a list of all "court holidays" for the month of April. It doesn't look like they're anticipating a decision in the near future.

The trial is being held in Illinois, so Marathon Pundit always has the latest at his site. Read today's post here.

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