Monday, March 27, 2006


This once great American paper--the paper of record--has either forgot how to do its job, or it's a tool for the democratic left in this country.

There are many examples of this, however, of late I've been following a few stories to see where they go.

**WMDs moved to Syria, according to Iraqi General.
**Bob Kerry comments on docs connecting Saddam and al Qaida.
**Gov. Steele's credit report stolen by Schumer staffer. Pleads guilty.

All three of these stories have one thing in common: The NYT isn't reporting on them. Why? You tell me.

When an Iraqi General makes a statement like that, you would think the Times would do some follow-up on it. Not happening.

When Bob Kerry, a 9-11 commissioner, comments on a possible connection between Saddam and al Qaida, you would think the Times would have a reporter asking him questions. Not happening. Ace of Spades had a good round-up of what we now know.

When a credit report is stolen by a Schumer staffer, a governor's credit report, well, a child of five could extrapolate from there and land a blockbuster story with little effort. The story writes itself. This story is in the Times' "no-fly" zone, to be sure. Betsy's Page noticed it, too.

And the grand-daddy of them all: John Kerry and his military records. Yes, he released a portion of them but not the ones that would do him political damage. The MSM is giving him a pass on this one--so are bloggers. This story is so easy to rip wide open; no one seems to think it's worth the time or trouble. Too bad.

None of these stories are of importance, according to the reporting patterns of the NYT. However, they did find the time and front-page space, today, to report on a memo from a Bush-Blair meeting. The story leads the reader to think Bush was planning to invade Iraq no matter what; he was on a path to war. Aaron at LLP comments on this yawner.

The enemy has been identified, yet we do nothing.

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