Wednesday, March 22, 2006


When she said she wasn't able to do political blogging anymore because of her other writing pursuits, I knew there was something wrong. Something very wrong.

For someone who made a difference in our last presidential election through her research and writing, to just drop out of sight, politically, made no sense to me. And now it's clear what's happening.

She's entering blogging's "The Lost Weekend."

Sad as it is, it can happen to anyone, especially those who have a God-given talent for stringing words together. These are creative people, driven people, and that creativity and drive places certain pressures, sometimes overwhelming pressures, on them to produce even greater works in an effort to overshadow past accomplishments.

These pressures, if not managed, will break even the strongest among us. We've seen it happen time and again. And no intervention can throttle the desire for personal destruction once it becomes progressive.

Yes, it is sad. She's back on the booze.

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