Saturday, April 22, 2006


On Friday's Constitutional Public Radio show, Andrea and Mark hit the ball out of the park. More on that in a minute. First I want to address the big question that everyone's asking: Why no coverage on Hannity and Colmes Friday night?

After listening to CPR Friday I couldn't wait for the H & C piece in the evening, and was quite surprised that it never happened. So, I started searching forJohn Noonan (Op-For) and got lucky, because he was at LAX with an internet connection while waiting for his flight to DC for the Milblogger conference. We swapped several emails (5).

He, too, was surprised, and was just hearing about it from me. Buzz Patterson put that info out there, so something must have happened because you know we can trust what this guy says. John said he would ask Buzz personally the next day at the conference. True to his word, he emailed me first thing in the morning after he got some confirmation.

Before he was able to get with Buzz, SMASH informed him that H & C are planning to go with the story this week. Well, actually, Hannity will be driving the story, while Alan points to this as evidence that Hilton is a very fine and upstanding corporation--read the opening paragraph and if that doesn't make you ill, nothing will. John didn't know if they'd be going with the show Monday or what. I called Fox News (NY) many times Sunday but couldn't get them to connect me with someone with an actual pulse--just voicemail. Maybe those of you with the connections (Andrea and Mark) can get to a real person and find out.

A quick note about the Milblogger Conference. It looks like it was a great success. Go to Op-For and read, then follow the links from there. Come Monday morning there will be tons of after-action reports about the conf. One story out of DC that can be confirmed, is that Fran O'Brien's bar sales for Friday and Saturday night were over and above last years at this time. Hmmm.

It's 3:30 in the morning pst; Kitty over at Kitty Litter just emailed me from the east coast to let me know she's out of bed. Anytime that happens, you know it's time to get to bed, but first a few notes regarding Andrea and Mark's radio show on Friday.

I can't say enough about these folks. Both of them are on the frontlines fighting for this country everyday. To give you an idea, here's how Friday's show happened:

I read John's post at Op-For early in the morning. I emailed Andrea to let her know. She was on the phone to me from Florida a few minutes later. I pointed her to John's post and gave her a few other details, and from that they changed their entire two hour program and went with the Fran O'Brien story. And, in the meantime, they secured an on-air interview with Marty O'Brien, which, by the way, went very well. I was amazed at how calm the man was.

After the show was aired, many have requested a podcast. John Noonan of Op-For was the first to request one from LAX Friday evening, and I think John Rubbery of Marathon Pundit out of Morton Grove (Chicago) was the second to inquire. Kitty emailed that she missed the show and I know she wants to hear it and post it. I went to Andrea's site (scroll) but it looks like she only podcasts for her Sunday show. Maybe she'll be able to make an exception so everyone can post it.

I urge everyone to tune in to the show today, 3-5 pm est, and you can do so by simply clicking here. You won't hear much, if anything, in the MSM about Fran O'Brien's, the Milblogger Conference, or the symposium about Islamic Jihad that will be taking place in DC later this week. But, you can bet your bippy you'll hear all about these things on CPR. Just to mention, they have some very interesting guests (right margin) on the show this week, including Col. David Hunt.

More about the symposium on Islamic Jihad coming soon. From all accounts, this will be a bombshell event and the MSM won't be covering it, either. I'm sure Andrea and Mark will make mention of it today. Ok, that is all.

Goodnight, Kitty.

PS: It might be free, but you can have this BLOGGER platform.

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