Thursday, May 11, 2006


I had plans to see "United 93" last week but put it off. Blame the NBA or MLB. Each review that I've read describes the movie in the same way: Sobering.

Not only are there reviews of "United 93" posted all over the web, but the nutjobs have come out, as they almost always do, to sell you on the idea of how 9-11 was concocted by the Bush Administration so he could go to war, thus snatching up all the oil in sight for his buds. I think that's how it goes, anyway.

Enter Pat Curley of Brainster. Pat has put together a website, Screw Loose Change, dedicated to debunking all the lunatic conspiracy theories revolving around the events of 9-11. He was inspired by the movie, "Loose Change." (video) Though these "theories" are absolute BS and hardly stand up against any sound reasoning or logic, they have gotten lots of media time (Charlie Sheen), so Pat's putting them to the test.

Pat is well known on the net for his Brainster Blog, but he has credentials that go way beyond that: He formed Kerry Haters and along with Kitty Myers of Kitty Litter, broke the "Christmas in Cambodia" story. Paul Krugman hates Pat, I'm sure, and for good reason. Pat has forced Krugman, and the NYT, to post corrections to two of his columns--Pat caught him playing fast and loose with the facts. He's a good friend to this blog and I have the utmost respect for his work. Check out his blog, Brainster, as well as his new one, Screw Loose Change.

---------------------------------------CPR MAY 11

Andrea and Mark will be interviewing Wayne LaPierre on today's show. Here's a guy we haven't heard much about lately. Somehow, the NRA has escaped the left's numerous attacks of late. But I figure it's only a matter of time before they come for our guns, again.

It should be a good interview. I think I'll field strip my Winchester Model 1300 while listening to LaPierre's interview. Speaking of the NRA, I wonder how Mr. Heston's doing? Maybe someone will ask. Maybe.

Tune in from 3-5PM EST by clicking here.

******Other Reading Material

**It's no secret that General Patton is my hero. There were many heros in WWII, but as far as commanders go, he's tops on my list. Here's some writings about his views on the bible and pacifism. Amazingly, they apply to our situation today with regards to "The War for America's Survival." (the last paragraph jumped out at me)

**There's nothing I hate more than a thief, especially when he's stealing my stuff. However, I'm pretty sure I'd have to give this guy a pass--he earned another chance. H-T to The Noonz Wire.

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