Friday, May 05, 2006


Patrick Kennedy just finished his news conference, and I must admit it was a beautiful piece of work. It was predictable, a masterpiece, and it made me sick.

Let me give you an idea how this will progress, because this story isn't done unfolding. There will be more, and soon.

Now, I think it's obvious that Kennedy was out supporting the bottom line of the Seagrams Corporation, got in his car to go home and had an incident. Otherwise known as a DUI.

Right now, word is being mentioned on the cable outlets that a "bar tab" has been located. And where there's a bar tab, there's a bartender who will connect Kennedy to alcohol consumption that evening.

Understand this: The Kennedy family has a fully staffed, 24 hour "damage control machine" in operation. They always have and it's in full swing as I type this.

The owner of the bar will be contacted, then the bartender, as well as the friends in attendance with Patrick. The bartender, when questioned, will say something like this: "Yes, Mr. Kennedy was in here last night. He bought many drinks for his friends and when I asked if he'd like one, he told me he couldn't because of medication he was taking."

All of his friends will have similar recollections: "We all tried to buy him a drink, but he continually declined because of his meds. He's such a generous person."

Why would they all say this? Because they like their jobs, that's why. The owner of the bar would like to keep his business, trust me. Anyone else in the bar who saw Kennedy drinking will suddenly become blind because, they, too, enjoy working and supporting their families.

The Kennedy Family Damage Control Machine (KFDCM) has that kind of juice, and by "juice" I don't mean the type you mix with your vodka.

Again, watch and learn. Malkin has more at HotAir. Kitty, too.

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