Sunday, April 30, 2006


Produced by Mark Vance? I've never had a clue as to what a producer does. Is this the person in charge of making sure the "STAR" has fresh coffee, juice, or snacks? Somebody, please, fill me in on just what a producer does. Personally, I think the producer empties the waste baskets and does the call screening, but I could be wrong. Educate me.

Ok, listen up, folks. On tonight's edition of The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea will be interviewing Col David Hunt and the chairman of, Doug Wilson. Both are going to be good interviews, but I'm mostly interested in Col Hunt's interview because Andrea and Mark had him on their show last week--the show where they let Mark talk--and Hunt had a lot of controversial things to say about Rumsfeld, most of which I agree with, I'm sad to say.

It's Sunday night and I know you've got nothing better to do, so tune to Andrea's show, which is produced by Mark Vance, and get educated about your world.

You can listen to Andrea's show via the web by clicking here. It's simple: If it's 9PM EST, Andrea's on the air!!! Of course, Mark will be making coffee and cleaning up.

PS: If you call 1-800-329-5858, Mark will screen your call and put you on the air with Andrea. Trust me, he will. And if you're extra nice to him, he'll give you a guided tour of his sailboat.

If only I had his life.

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