Wednesday, April 26, 2006


That's the big question and I fear the answer is, "absolutely not." As long as the power brokers in the democratic party focus on bringing Bush down, in an effort to regain their power, we are doomed.

"United we stand, divided we fall" really has meaning. In today's world, it's the difference between the USA surviving or failing, and the terrorists know it. General Giap, anyone?

As I see it, the best thing the terrorists have going for them is the democratic party and the MSM. OBL probably sits around pinching himself because he thinks he's dreaming. What a gift the Dems and the MSM are to the terrorists' cause.

If the dems were to come across the aisle and become real Americans again, share that common ground of years past, there would be nothing we couldn't accomplish. Nothing. However, the dems won't be coming across the aisle anytime soon--it's not in their playbook this season.

Watching the news each day and seeing terrorist attack after terrorist attack, one can get desensitized to the horror of it all, and then the focus is lost. I know many of you have seen this Flash presentation before, but it will put the terrorists' past deeds in perspective and give you an idea of what they have planned for the future. View what they've done in the world from 1998--2006 and extrapolate from there. It's worth another look and it's worth passing on to others.

The meter's running....

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