Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The picture indicates what I felt like during and after watching the hour-long DNC political ad sponsored by Larry King. See previous post.

And to make things worse, each time they went to commercial, King ran out-takes from speeches that each of the nine had made in the past. Of course, they were anti-Bush type ramblings. The nine thought this event was so important that they all appeared together in studio. No remote hook-ups, just one big panel.

But, I did have some fun while viewing the Bush hatefest.

Andrea Shea-King emailed me with an invite to her chatroom so we could live-chat the whole affair. Her co-host and Sunday night producer, Mark Vance, was there as well as Tony Hernandez. Tony's running for a local judgeship in the Cocoa Beach area. Another guest was there but I can't think of his name. Sorry.

Anyway, we chatted as the nine democratic female senators spewed forth their "plan" for America, yada, yada, yada, and they threw in their thoughts about our president just for good measure. These broads were either drunk, crazy, or hoping you were. I refer you to the picture.

The "gang of nine" got tiring, so we switched to H & C to watch as Ann Coulter ate Alan Colmes' lunch. Colmes never had a chance with Ann, and had it been a fight, the ref would've stopped it. Ann, over-the-top as she may be, deals in common sense and facts; Colmes gets in the ring armed only with Bush hatred. His arguments are pathetic, at best.

The 500 canisters of WMDs became part of the discussion but Colmes' retort was, "it wasn't those WMDs Bush was talking about when he took us to war." I thought WMDs were WMDs. Colmes seems to think there's a group of them we were looking for and a group we were not concerned about. Go figure.

Earlier, I caught the O'Reilly Factor, and Bill was able to get Al Sharpton, who doesn't believe there were WMDs located, to say he would apologize to Bush for saying "Bush lied" if the news about the 500 canisters is true. Don't hold your breath, though.

The live-chat was great fun and some of the comments were outstanding. One person, after only watching for a few minutes said, "Can you imagine the buckets of vomit being hurled around the country while watching these nine senators?"

Again, I refer you to the picture above. It was sickening.

Check out Constitutional Public Radio from 3-5 PM EST M-F live via the web.

Thanks for the invite!!

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