Sunday, June 18, 2006


Mark and Andrea are pumpin' gas cheap this week. Check out their show, Constitutional Public Radio, live via the web, 3-5 PM EST M-F. WWBC 1510 AM broadcasting from Florida's beautiful spacecoast. Join the chatroom here. Call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437.

And "hello" to Tom in Seattle. Nice chatting with you during Andrea's Sunday night show. We'll do it again next week. And I know the problem will be FIXED.


*Looks like Dan Rather's moving on, again. But the article says he plans a new interview program soon. This guy doesn't know when to quit. Retire, already.

*al-Zarqawi's death by a double order of 500 pounders was great news. I fear it soon will be eclipsed by the capture of two American soldiers, though. There's no telling what they will do with them. All we can do is pray for them while our forces search them out. THE LATEST.

*John Rubbery over at Marathon Pundit has a post about a special visit our wounded at Walter Reed got the other day. John discovered that few news outlets covered the story. No surprise. Also, in another post, a rather bizarre K-9 attack. USA TODAY screwed the pooch with its reporting, which is no surprise.

*Brainster's Pat Curley is getting a lot of commenter feedback on this post. That's what happens when you're wrong, wrong, wrong.

*I don't think they're taking names, but they're most certainly kicking some ass. Taliban ass, that is. Go troops!!

*More proof that she'll do or say anything. Casey must be proud.

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