Sunday, June 04, 2006


Posting could be light around here for a week or so. I'll be around in the evenings, so if I have the energy I'll post something.

In the meantime, I suggest stopping by Chris' blog at Lucky Dawg News, John Bush's blog at My Take On Things, or #17 on the best blog list, Pat at Brainster. John Rubbery's Marathon Pundit is good stop, too. (When I get back, Chris, I'll be starting on some posts about Heather Wilson)

And don't forget Constitutional Public Radio--starring Mark Vance and Andrea Shea-King. 3-5 PM EST live via the web on WWBC 1510 AM. Chat room entry here. If you have something to say, they'll put you on the air at 1-800-648-1437...just put it on my tab.

Andrea, I got your "????" Someday...maybe.

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