Sunday, June 04, 2006


Those on the "left" consider Andrea Shea-King and her Producer, Mark Vance, to be armed and dangerous. Armed with information and opinions that they'll share with you tonight on The Andrea Shea-King Show.

The latest reports have Andrea and Mark barricaded in their Orlando studios, where they plan to broadcast more of their information and opinions.

Tune in live from 9-11 PM EST via the web on WDBO 580 AM. There's a live in-show chatroom where you can join-in with other listeners, too. (top right)

They'll take your calls at 1-800-329-5858, toll free.

Andrea and Mark are surrounded, but they'll be going live at 9 PM EST, anyway.

Note: Last week they had Pat Curely of Brainster on their weekday show to discuss John Kerry's "Christmas in Cambodia" adventure. Next week, Andrea and Mark will be interviewing Ann Coulter. Should be good.

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