Tuesday, May 23, 2006


After it's all said and done, the music business will put the Dixie Chicks at the top of the list for marketing blunders. They are certainly entitled to their opinions, but so is the buying public. So far, the buying public's winning.

The Chicks are fighting back, though, with a new album, featuring a song, "Not Ready To Make Nice," a new concert tour, a 60 Minutes interview, where they attempt to explain themselves, and even moving away from their country roots to a blend of rock and roll. Not working, no sale.

In another marketing blunder, The Hilton Corporation will be feeling the rath of a large segment of the American buying public: OPERATION PERISH HILTON.

Hilton won't be feeling the economic impact as fast as the Dixie Chicks did; it will take more time, but they'll feel it just the same. And I'm sure they'll never forget Fran O'Brien's, because millions will make a point to remind them each and every time they choose a hotel.


Most of us are just individuals in the market place, but our future spending decisions, collectively, do add up. However, Blackfive is in a decision-making position and he intends to use it against Hilton. Whether you're in a similar position or just an individual, follow his lead.

When choosing a hotel, make sure you exclude these establishments. After choosing another hotel chain, it would be nice to send a message to these idiots and let them know why. Give back, make a difference.

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