Sunday, May 14, 2006


CNN, not Fox News, did a story on the history and closing of Fran O'Brien's. The story, which was shot in and around the restaurant, included interviews of our wounded, the co-owner, and Jim Mayer.

Mayer, a Viet Nam vet and double amputee, first got the idea of the free dinners while volunteering at Walter Reed Medical Center, and owners, Hal and Marty, took it from there. In the interviews, everyone expresses what Fran's has meant to them, their families, the military, and how this tradition helped in the recuperative process these wounded heros must endure.

After viewing this piece, I'm sure you will gladly repay The Hilton Corporation by supporting any and all of their competitors.

View the CNN story here. Hat tip--Castle Argghhh!!!

Fran O'Brien's temporarily closed.

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