Thursday, May 11, 2006


Pam at Blogmeister USA has posted an old speech by former governor Richard Lamm. The speech is funny even though its theme is, "A Plan to Destroy America."

Many of you have read the speech before but it's still worth another read, especially with immigration being the hot topic that it is.

Since Pam posted something we've all seen before, I thought I'd post something along the same lines. Something so funny and relevant that it's worth seeing again and again.

Bob Hope, probably the greatest supporter of America's fighting men and women, had the pleasure of delivering the funniest movie line in the history of movies. Here's the line--(volume up)

***************CPR FOR THE HEART OF AMERICA--MAY 12th

I don't see any guest scheduled for Constitutional Public Radio today, so I encourage you to tune in because I'm sure if Mark Vance gets as excited and passionate as he has recently, he might have a stroke on air. I hope this isn't the case--we need men like him to pave the way for future generations.

Tune in today and hear Mark and Andrea discuss the issues of the day. Usually, when there's no scheduled guest, they tear it up pretty good, and they get your blood pressure up. To relieve that pressure, they will take your calls at 1-800-648-1437. If you get chest pains, not to worry, Andrea knows CPR for the Heart of America. You're in good hands.

WWBC 1510 AM 3-5 PM EST via the web.

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