Monday, May 15, 2006


I'm preparing myself early for Bush's speech on the illegal immigration problem. I don't expect to be too happy after he's done giving it.

Bush's proposal to temporarily send troops to the border is a politician's way of reassuring the base that something is being done about illegal immigration. NOTE--the word "temporarily" is being used to assuage the current Director of U.S. Immigration, Vicente Fox.

Your leaders in Washington, I think, are about to sell you a bill of goods that will do nothing but further the disintegration of our nation, and I use the term, "leaders," loosely. The real leaders of this once great nation are long since dead.

At this time, about all you can do is email Bush, your representative in the house, and your senator. Not that it will do any good, but it can't hurt, either. Enjoy the speech....

Email President Bush or call the White House at 1-202-456-1111

Email your House Rep

Email your Senator (this link has been going down periodically, keep trying)

Some words to consider:

"Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue; extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice."--AUH2O

**For straight talk about illegal immigration, tune to CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO from 3-5 PM EST on WWBC 1510 AM, streaming live on the web. Mark and Andrea will take your call on-air at 1-800-648-1437.

Christi King of COMMON SENSE AMERICA, who's on top of the illegal immigration problem, will be in the audience today. Check her blog often.


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