Friday, May 19, 2006


Since tomorrow is Armed Forces Day, I hope all of you make a special effort to honor everyone serving this great nation, and all who have served in the past. While remembering those who served in the past, some of whom died in service to our nation, feel free to exclude such men as Jack Murtha and John Kerry. Though they served, they have dishonored themselves, endangered our men and women in the line of fire, and assisted our enemies--they are traitors to the United States Of America.

**Over at A Rose By Any Other Name, Anna is honoring the best this nation has to offer.

**The shuttle is on the move down Florida way.

**The LA Times forgot a few details about that $34 an hour job. I guess they thought you didn't need to know. No bias here, though. Malkin has the details.

**If you don't think we're re-living 1938 all over again, then read this. Don't forget this, either.

Streaming live via the web on WWBC 1510 AM at 3PM EST M-F. If you're looking for a pro-troop, pro-America show, it doesn't get any better than this. Mark and Andrea will take your calls at 1-800-648-1437.

NOTE: The radio link is down, but Andrea emailed and said the techies are working the problem and it should be working by showtime. (It's fixed now)

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