Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I don't think this illegal immigration issue will be going away anytime soon. Unless, of course, there's another 9-11 event. I think this pup will remain on the front burner about to boil over. Possibly, we're living the second coming of The Alamo. Could be.

Congress has a record of taking something that is working just fine and screwing it up so bad that it will never be fixed. Social Security comes to mind. Then they like to play a little game of shells, mis-direction, if you will, with the voting public, and before you know it congress is out of the loop with regards to blame. Again, Social Security comes to mind. Having said that, I have a feeling, a bad one, that this problem of illegal immigration, its future consequences on this nation, is much worse than we're being told. Just a feeling.

Scanning the web this morning, I found a few articles of interest:

A company in Texas wants to hire from across the border and then house them on site. Unions not too happy.

In Mexico, voters fear for nation as election nears.

Jack Kelly shares his thoughts on the upcoming Mexican elections and how they could affect the U.S.--we should be paying attention to this election.

Ace of Spades follows Polipundit--sort of.

That is all.

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