Monday, May 22, 2006


Out of all the news stories and blog posts over the weekend, this one picture caught my attention more than any of them. John Rubbery of Marathon Pundit saw this picture posted on a bulletin board at a local school function. His daughter will more than likely be attending the same school in the future.

The little, malleable minds of our future seem to be in a re-education camp of sorts while mom and dad are at work. This may not seem important, but it is and it's happening all over the nation. Make a call to your local school and just see. And, attempt to put a stop to it and the ACLU and CAIR will arrive in short order. John didn't get a picture of the Bible Study class announcment, because there wasn't one. Read John's post here. Malkin has another.

***Diana Irey says it's time for Murtha to leave Washington. I agree. However, I think he should leave in cuffs, but an election loss will be acceptable. Irey is running against Murtha--I wish her well.

***Vice-President Cheney will be in town today to give a speech. I heard about it on the radio, so I checked the morning edition of The Sacramento Bee--nothing. Someone should give them a call and let them know. Note: Looks like someone notified The Bee, because the story finally appeared in their afternoon edition.

***Ya think?


CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO now has an in-show chat room. I used it last night during THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW and was able to chat with on-line listeners, as well as producer Mark Vance. To enter the chat room, go here (top right).

CPR streams live via the web at WWBC 1510 AM from 3-5 PM EST. I'll be in the chat room--hope to see you there.

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