Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Bush White House staff has been busy reading emails, because, it's reported, 247,000 of them have been sent to the president urging him to use his power to save the cross at Mt. Soledad. STOP THE ACLU has the latest update about the effort. And, there's no reason to stop emailing the president, either. Do it here. (non-English speakers here)--Update May 25: The American Legion steps in. H-T to Marcus on the spacecoast.

***UPDATE on Fran O'Brien's!!! Just received an email from Hal and Marty. They say it will take about 6 months to open at a new location. BUT, in the meantime, the Italians, not the Hilton Corporation, are taking care of our wounded heros on Friday nights. Don't ya just love the Italians? Bless them all. Story from The Stars and Strips. If you'd like to say, "thanks," do it here. (1-202-612-4444--they didn't speak very good English, but they appreciated my call very much...even took my name)

"The Italian Ambassador, Gianni Castellaneta, and his wife, Lila, heard about Fran O’Brien’s dinners through an Italian sponsor and offered to have the wounded servicemembers over to the embassy at some point as well, according to Shoshana Bryen, a member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, another sponsor." Hilton makes me sick.

***It looks like the ACLU is pulling a Polipundit.

***Good news regarding jobs!! It looks like at least 100 U.S. jobs will be saved, maybe 535 when it's over. In a related article, Ed Meese, who worked for the Great One, is calling a spade a spade. You can still contact Mr. Sensenbrenner--in English--here! From the Washington Times:

"The bill would grant citizenship rights to an estimated 10 million illegal aliens currently in the country and allow them to collect Social Security benefits for work they performed while illegally employed in the U.S. The bill also grants complete amnesty to employers who have drawn the estimated 12 million aliens to the U.S. by illegally providing them with jobs." Who are these people representing?

***I can't wait until a camera crew catches up to this guy. Vent.

***On this day in history.

***For the best in talk radio, it's CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, starring Mark Vance and Andrea Shea-King. Streaming live via the web at 3 PM EST.

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