Friday, May 26, 2006


Here's a cookbook all of you should own. At only $10, who among us can't afford it? Besides, all the money raised goes to charities that help our wounded Marines and the families of Marines KIA. Weber, the makers of the finest grills in America, made this book possible:

"In 2005, active duty and reserve Marines at 10 military installations around the country took up their tongs in the ultimate battle of the barbecue. They marinated, seared, and sauced in an all-out battle for top grilling honors. This book showcases the winning recipes from the competition, along with steak recipes from famous former Marines like Lee Trevino and Ed McMahon."

"Command of the Grill" was the idea of two Weber employees, and with the help of their company, the book became a reality. Weber is a company you should support. Read the story about how Susan and John got the idea for the book.

All proceeds go to these 4 charities. See a video clip (link to the right) of some military grillin' action! Take note of these companies that offer the book for sale.

Along with Weber, these companies donated their time and services to this book--support them with your dollars. You will notice that The Hilton Corporation is not on the list of companies assisting our military. But, Marriott is, so when you're looking for a hotel, choose Marriott if you can.

***Want a free copy of "Command of the Grill?' Sure you do. Do a post about this book, link my post, and leave a comment with your blog link and I'll pick the best one. I'll notify the winner and after I get your mailing info, Thirdwavedave will send you your free copy of "Command of the Grill." Now get to posting!! (If the posts are good enough, I could get generous and give out several books. Contest will end next Tuesday.)

Hat tip: Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance.

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