Monday, July 10, 2006


Patrick Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits will be the guest on Tuesday's Constitutional Public Radio. Hynes is the author of "In Defense of the Religious Right." Andrea and Mark have seen the power of blogs and are making an asserted effort to include them on their shows.

Recently, Pat Curley of Brainster was interviewed about John Kerry and his covert trip to Cambodia. The interview was one of Andrea and Mark's best.

Listen to CPR live via the net from 3-5 PM EST on WWBC 1510 AM. Join the live in-show chatroom, or call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437

******Patriot Guard Riders' News

Last night on The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea interviewed PGR's National Director, Kurt Mayer and Florida's State Ride Captain, Clayton Murphy. During the interview I learned something that the MSM passed on, as they tend to do if the story has anything to do with the rise of patriotism here at home.

A little background on PGR: About 9 months ago PGR was formed, and it's now represented in all 50 states, plus a couple territories--9 months!! The group boasts nearly 45,000 members and growing.

Now, just 9 months after forming, where do you think Mayer and a couple other PGR members found themselves on Memorial Day? That's right, the Oval Office as guests of President Bush during the signing of HR 5037, a bill that prohibits the disruption of a military funeral in a national cemetery.

Mayer said the story was covered by a couple local outlets--the MSM completely passed on the story. Not surprising. Well, here's the story.

The signing ceremony is pictured below. (Bush insisted the PGR members wear their "colors") This is an American story, and a great one at that. So, again, we get to do the MSM's job for them. Proudly, too, I might add.

*******Other Happenings

John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit posts about our peaceful friends at CAIR.

Remember the movie, "Mr. Ruberry Goes To Washington?" Something like that.

Good news for France: At least they lasted longer against the Italians than they did against Hitler. (Can't remember where I saw that but thought I'd pass it on)

Here's to hoping socialism is finally dead.

This just won't go away, will it?

"You're about to enter...the fucking war zone!"


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