Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today, Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance will be interviewing Pat Curley about his new blogsite, "Screw Loose Change." Well known for his blog, Brainster, Pat decided to tackle the 9-11 conspiracy theorists at SLC, and so far it's been a big success.

CPR broadcasts from Florida's Space Coast on WWBC 1510 from 3-5 PM EST--Cocoa, Florida. Live internet streaming by clicking here. Join Pat in the live in-show chatroom here. Missed the show? No problem. CPR repeats at 9 PM EST M-F.

So, was it a missile or was it a plane? Call the show at 1-800-648-1437 and ask Pat yourself.

SLC was mentioned in Vanity Fair magazine....

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