Wednesday, September 06, 2006


**I watched Katie Couric's debut last night. Not impressed, and a bit surprised. Pam, at Blogmeister USA, posted about Couric's opening using a Tom Shales article, so I have only a couple comments to add.

Couric has started a "contest" where you get to send in your suggestion for her nightly sign-off. You know, like Cronkite used to do: "And that's the way it let's get out of Viet Nam."

I can see this sort of thing being done at "Today" but this is supposed to be "THE CBS EVENING NEWS." Apparently Couric hasn't put much thought into this new job of hers. If you missed Katie's first night, the Shales article will bring you up to speed.

**Two of our blogger friends have moms who are in the hospital: Kitty Litter and Marathon Pundit. Make sure you drop them a note in the comments section.

**If you sent prayers of support, I thank you. This family has received an outpouring of good wishes from all over the 'net. So, if you haven't gone over there yet, do so now. If you already have, do it again. Follow the linkage. Thanks for the email, Rachelle.

**Now for some fun. Keep your cursor on his nose for as long as you can.

**You've had your fun, now read this very short post from Paul. Then think.

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