Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I received an update from Michael Yon that I thought would be of interest. In it, he tells us about the current situation regarding embedded reporters. I was surprised at what he had to say:


Pajamas Media recently reported that there are only 9 embedded reporters in
Iraq. Many are blaming this on the media, and while I can never be called
an apologist for mainstream media, I can say with certainty that the United
States military is censoring.

It remains unclear if this is a general policy, though there are recent inquiries to the office of
the Secretary of Defense. I await response. Or, perhaps, the
censorship is merely the policy of LTC Barry Johnson who is
responsible for operations involving embeds. Barry Johnson is said to be the
most quoted man in Iraq . I've learned to trust nothing he
says. I do know for a fact that Johnson has been untruthful with the
media. If Johnson calls me on this, I'll take the time to prove it.

While sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers
and friends, fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
military apparently is preventing journalists from telling the
story. They attempt to deflect accusations of censorship by allowing in
just enough reporters to appear transparent.

I'll post updates on the website as the situation unfolds.

The "left" will say censorship is happening because Bush and Rummy don't want Americans to know Iraq is a disaster; The "right" will say it's happening because the MSM can't be trusted.

Could be a little of both, that is, if it's even true. But Yon says he has proof and I have no reason to doubt him.

Read more of Michael Yon's work here.

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