Monday, September 25, 2006


Each day that passes, Father Time claims hundreds from the Greatest Generation. Last week, another from that generation was taken from us. But in Dorothy Stratton's case, Father Time had to wait 107 years to do it.

In 1933, Dorothy Stratton was a professor and the Dean of Women at Purdue University. Then, when the time came, like many others in her generation, she went on to serve her country when it needed her most:

"Ms. Stratton, who was born in Brookfield, Mo., in 1899, served as dean of women until 1942, when she became the creator and first director of the Coast Guard Women’s Reserve after being commissioned earlier that year as a senior lieutenant in the Navy. At the time, the function of the reserve force was to free up men in the Coast Guard for service in the war."

"In 1946, Ms. Stratton became the first director of personnel at the International Monetary Fund. She went on to serve as executive director of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A."

Thanks for your service, Captain Dorothy Stratton. RIP.

25th reunion in November 1967. More about Dorothy Stratton on her 100th birthday here.

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