Thursday, September 14, 2006


The more I thought about this picture of the Taliban funeral and our policy of not bombing a cemetery, the more I wanted to bang my head on the wall as well as some high-ranking heads in Washington.

I thought we were at war. Does anyone in our government understand just what that means? I'm beginning to wonder. The only building, ship, or location that should be off-limits, is a hospital. Even that policy has its limits.

Since Mosques are on the "do not touch" list, they've been used throughout the war zone as supply depots, hiding places, and "operational planning" HQs. Hell, mosques are used for that here in our own neighborhoods.

For us to give 190 terrorists a pass simply because they're in a cemetery, is madness. Now cemeteries will become "open air" sanctuaries that will be used against us in this fight for our survival. UBL must be getting a good laugh out of this one.

Instead of fighting a war, we're putting more effort into showing the world what humane people we are in the United States, and as long as we continue this ad campaign, we will lose.

War is about killing the enemy, and if the enemy happens to be congregated in a cemetery, too bad. It's where these animals belong, anyway.

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