Friday, September 08, 2006


The United States isn't the only nation with a bunch of leftwing whackjobs criticizing its military at a time of war. Canada has its Little Dickie Turbans and Cindy Sheehans as well.

Recently, a Canadian journalist grew tired of it and decided to say something in support of her military.

"Christine St-Pierre, a veteran Ottawa correspondent for French-language public broadcaster Radio-Canada, wrote an open letter to Canada's 2,300 troops telling them to ignore mounting criticism of the mission."

"We owe you all our respect and our unfailing support . . . dear soldiers, your tears are not in vain, your tears are brave," St-Pierre wrote in the letter, which Montreal's La Presse newspaper published on Thursday.
Radio-Canada suspended her for breaching internal regulations"

Suffice it to say, Andrea and Mark wouldn't make it to lunchtime at Radio-Canada.

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