Thursday, January 18, 2007


The republican party has no superstar candidates waiting in the stable for a run at the White House in '08. Reagan was the last one. On the other hand, the democrats have two: Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

We all pretty much know everything there is to know about Hillary. She has a past. And then there's Bill.

Obama, well, we don't know that much about him except that he is fast becoming the darling of the democratic party, not to mention the MSM. He does, however, have a past. But it's a short one. Details of his voting record from Illinois are listed here.

Clinton and Obama seem to have something in common: The ability to raise huge sums of money. Clinton has proven herself to be a very successful fundraiser and Obama has done ok for himself as well. But it looks like Obama will be moving up to the big leagues in that category. Hollywood is readying itself for the Jr. Senator from Illinois with checkbook in hand.

With two superstar democrats raising mountains of cash, it would seem the two could end up on the same ticket in '08. Clinton--Obama would be a powerful ticket.

And the republicans have who?

Marathon Pundit has more.

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