Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It seems there's a squabble in Washington over Nancy Pelosi's request for military aircraft to ferry her to and from her home district. Pelosi has been the Speaker since last November, so this travel item should've been taken care of long ago and without her having to make the request. (technically, Pelosi has been SOTH since early January but everyone knew she would be the choice since November)

The Speaker of the House, second in line for the presidency, should not be flying commercial aircraft from her home district to Washington, or anywhere for that matter. Security being what it is today makes this a moot point.

Several aircraft are being considered for her use--the one below is what VP Cheney uses as Air Force Two. It's a C-32, the civilian counterpart being the 757. It's a large aircraft with room for lots of people, and I imagine Speaker Pelosi has a rather large entourage. Hastert used a much smaller aircraft because he lived closer to Washington--no need for refueling. Hastert shouldn't have been flying commercial, either.

I have joked about this subject before, others have too. However, in the end, we all know Pelosi will, and should be, granted the use of military aircraft. Which type is the only thing we don't know. Personally, I don't care which one she's given, just get her one. She's the Speaker of the House, for Christ's sake.

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