Monday, February 19, 2007


Last night, Andrea Shea-King read the text of a letter from Carla Lois--Some Soldier's Mom--that she wrote to the congressmen and women who voted for the non-binding resolution. Andrea went on to play a clip of a speech given by Congressman Sam Johnson-Texas, that he gave the other day in the House. Both the letter and the speech are important because they state what true Americans are thinking and feeling.

It's most important to review both again, talk about them, and if you have the time, post them to your sites.

Carla's letter begins with this opening salvo:

"I don't give a damn what little weaselly words about "supporting our troops" you included in your resolution. I don't care about all your self-serving statements about what your friggin' "intent" was.
You can say what you want to the media -- we KNOW what the effect is just as you knew when you voted: You slapped our Soldiers and Marines, our Sailors and Airmen... you undercut their authority on the battlefield... you have not helped them complete their mission but you have hampered them in their abilities to do so... you have put their lives at greater risk because you have told our enemy that they can and should."--read the entire letter.

Here's Congressman Johnson's speech to the House:

If you want, you can leave Congressman Johnson a note at his site.

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