Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The pro-troop caravan put together by Move America Forward will be pulling out of San Francisco tomorrow. The caravan will be headed for Washington D.C. for a rally on the 17th and to protect our Nation's military memorials. The anti-war lefty loons will be there to deface our memorials. Michelle Malkin will be there, too. Not sure how you can help? Malkin has put together a video at Hot Air that will give you an idea. See below.

The caravan's schedule has been updated--here's the latest.


PBS is launching a Spanish-language network--Who's paying for this?? You are, that's who. Another generation and we'll all be assimilated into THEIR culture.

HER ROYAL PANTSUIT is scared to death of Obama's rising popularity, especially within the black community. HRP will never be able to match him, so she'll do what she, and the Clinton Machine, does best: Destroy him. Watch for more stories like this one to follow. Obama will be playing defense for a long time once the CM places him squarely in their cross hairs.

DR. JEROME CORSI was on the radio this morning with
G. Gordon Liddy discussing the border situation. Later today, Corsi will be interviewed by ANDREA SHEA-KING on Constitutional Public Radio. Corsi will be talking about the border problem as well as several other topics. This will be an hour long interview. Don't miss it.

Internet stream--show starts at 3 PM EST.

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