Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Earlier today, I listened to Angela McGlowan on The Andrea Shea King Show, then I found this little gem...

Read this excerpt:

RAMAPO - "The trauma of slavery remains a contributing factor in alcohol and drug abuse among blacks, Joy DeGruy Leary, told mental health providers, social workers, prevention professionals and students yesterday.

Leary, a researcher and assistant professor at Oregon's Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work, is noted for her "Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome" theory. She proposes that some of the clinical and social problems in the African-American community were developed as coping mechanisms to survive centuries of racial oppression."

***I'm not surprised that this is coming out of the Republic of Oregon's Portland State Graduate School of Socialism. "Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome" is really stretching it a bit, don't ya think? Is there a cure for this ailment, or does it just continue on endlessly, spreading through helpless, future generations like wildfire?

Now, After reading this ridiculous article, you can find the cure for this "syndrome" below...

Now that you've been exposed to the cure, stop by Angela's website--or Amazon--and purchase this wildly available, over-the-counter cure. No RX needed.

WARNING: Possible side-effects include: self-sufficiency, often times leading to prosperity.

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