Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Throughout the immigration debate, or lack of, certain cities have been designated as "sanctuary cities." As you know, in a "sanctuary city," illegals are able to live and work, or, in some cases, commit crimes, without fear of being turned over to the federal authorities. What a deal.

However, under the newly proposed immigration bill, things will be changing with regards to sanctuary cities. In fact, there will no longer be special cities with that designation. Detroit, Oakland and San Francisco, to name a few, will revert back to just cities on the map. No longer will they be sought out by illegals to exist "under the radar."

Sounds like good news, huh? Wrong. Because under the proposed bill, ALL cities in the United States will become "sanctuary cities." In fact, the entire Nation will be a sanctuary. Illegals will be in a perpetual state of processing and will be untouchable. Our Nation is being faced with several important challenges; illegal immigration could very well be the most important of those challenges since the bill before congress, if passed, will change the political and cultural makeup of our Nation--forever.

The current proposal in congress is a disaster in the making. Michelle Malkin asks that you watch this video, pass it on, send it to The White House as well. Don't forget these folks, either: House and Senate.

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