Monday, May 21, 2007


Starting today, the "Amnesty Bill" will be discussed throughout the internet, tv, radio, and those other publications that were once widely read--and trusted--newspapers. When it comes to the issue of immigration, the illegal type, I turn to Christi King at CSA, the boys at Powerline, and Hugh Hewitt. There are, of course, many others to turn to, but this is where I usually end up.

I point you to a post at Powerline regarding the McCain "F-You" comment. We simply heard that McCain--aka, Johnny "Jose McAmnesty" McCain--used the term and that was about the extent of it. PW has attempted to put the incident into context, thus shedding some light on the process. Even though McCain's bid for the White House is officially DOA, I still found the incident to be of interest. It starts out something like this:

"Senator McCain has been largely missing from the Senate since late March, when it became apparent his fundraising operation was seriously lagging. Senator McCain hasn’t made a Senate vote in the past five weeks. But he wanted to be front and center when the immigration bargain was announced, and Kennedy and Specter did everything they could to accommodate him. They reserved the Senate press gallery room for 1:30 p.m. Thursday, just in time for Senator McCain to attend before heading out to New York for more fundraising."

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