Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yesterday was a busy news day. News organizations must hate it when they're all geared-up for a planned event--the debate--and then a larger-than-life figure goes and dies. Prayers go out to the Falwell family. The Martin Luther King family suffered a loss as well.

The Debates

If you're looking for substance in these early debates, you won't find it with ten "contestants" vying for their "one minute" of fame. This crowded format reminds me of a political Amen Corner: "You can't win the election there, but you can lose it." Simply put: Just get through the damn thing without doing something stupid.

Only a few things worthy of mention from last night: Fox News' Hume, Goler, and Wallace did a superb job. Huckabee clearly had the best sound bite with his Edwards comment. John McCain, when contrasted with a Romney, probably looks more tired than he really is. But tired nonetheless. A couple weeks ago, someone summed-up one of McCain's problems:

"Today, 70 is the new 60. In McCain's case, 70 is 70." Enough said.

The Winner

Since I can't point to a clear winner in the Fox News debate, I have to award Fred Thompson the MVP trophy for his quick and stinging response to Michael Moore's challenge to a health care debate. For his trouble, Moore got this spanking:

Today, I see that Moore has responded to Thompson's "video spanking" with yet another childish letter. (Btw, Moore has a fixation with Thompson's cigars.) Anyway, Thompson should ignore Moore's response. Doing otherwise would be considered child abuse.


First, Harry's going to Iraq, then he's not, then maybe he is, now he's not. The terrorists win--again. Great job.

Finally, now you can buy your coffin and drive it too.

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