Saturday, July 07, 2007


There are two things I'm watching closely as the presidential season progresses: One, the development of Fred Thompson's campaign; two, the rise and free-fall of John McCain (D-Arizona). As of now, we're in the "free-fall" portion of his campaign, but some are figuring (hoping) he'll rebound and rise from the ashes.

Not that long ago, McCain had it all going for him. Leading in the polls, front-runner status, and lots of campaign cash in the bank. His background in the military, as well as his father's, made his resume fitting of a future president. However, he had one big problem: He found himself on the wrong side of one of our Nation's biggest and most important issues--illegal immigration. Partnering with the likes of Ted Kennedy (D-Stoli) on immigration reform was probably the final nail in his presidential coffin.

Had McCain stood on the other side--the right side--of the immigration issue, I think, today, he'd be the clear front-runner with tons of campaign cash to spread around the primary states. And we'd be looking forward to watching Fred Dalton Thompson on the 2007 Fall Season of "Law and Order," instead of the 2008 presidential campaign trail.

When the going got tough, and the issues tougher, the "Real McCain" stepped up to the plate and struck-out without so much as taking the bat off his shoulder. 3 pitches right down the middle--all he had to do was swing the bat. It was as if he wanted to lose. When the home team needed him the most, McCain failed. And now the voters are going to let him ride-the-pine for the rest of this game.

Here's the latest on McCain's political campaign carnage in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina. As the saying goes: You can hope in one hand and S*** in the other; see which one fills up first. He's toast. Sad.

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