Thursday, November 01, 2007

BG PAUL W. TIBBETS, JR. 1915-2007

There are certain events in our Nation's history that must be remembered and passed on to younger generations. Col. Paul Tibbets' mission aboard the "Enola Gay" in August 1945 is one of them. When the anniversary came around each year, I would post something about it. My first post is here, and the links all seem to be good.

While reading his obituary this morning, I found that he had requested no funeral as well as no headstone. He feared his final services and resting place would attract protesters now and in the future. It's a shame. But sometimes men like Tibetts are called on with jobs so big, so controversial, that that's just the price of doing your duty, serving your Nation, no matter what. Tibbets did his duty. May he rest in peace.

NOTE: Here's something about Tibbets' grandson I bet some of you didn't know.

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