Thursday, November 29, 2007


You know, after the last debate (Las Vegas) with all the plants, you'd think the one last night would be somewhat on the level. Apparently my thinking is flawed.

Just after Bill Bennett dropped the bomb on Anderson Cooper at the post debate wrap regarding the General, the posts and updates began to flow at many sites. I was watching Malkin's.

As the updates came in exposing the questioners, it soon became clear this debate was rigged more than the Las Vegas event.

After the debate, Andrea Shea-King watched the replay so she could watch the General's question via Youtube and his "live" follow-up from his seat in the audience. However, she missed the question, thinking she had tuned in too late. Turns out CNN edited the segment out of the rebroadcast. These guys at CNN are quick.

Malkin's quick, too. So quick, she was, that I figured the NYT would have some coverage as well. More flawed thinking. Even as late as this morning on the west coast, I find nothing on their Politics page regarding the "plants" from last night's debate.

*My conclusion: The stakes in the next election are so big that the MSM just doesn't give a damn whether they get caught or not. They will get their message out at any cost.

*After reading it again, I didn't feel comfortable with this statement. Bernie Goldberg first concluded (Bill O'Reilly's show) that "the msm doesn't give a damn"--I just agree with him.

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