Sunday, January 13, 2008


Another chapter in the life of the "Distinguished Senator from Chappaquiddick" has come to an end. Death has been a frequent visitor to the Kennedy family. This time, however, it's from outside the Kennedy compound but within a family that will forever be connected to the name Kennedy.

Gwen L. Kopechne, mother of Mary Jo, passed away last month. From her Obit:

"Family photographs pasted on a board were placed near the altar, and two pictures showing Gwen, her late husband, Joseph, and their only daughter, Mary Jo, were placed on a table beneath a Pastoral candle.

Gwen was laid to rest in St. Vincent’s Cemetery in Larksville next to her husband and Mary Jo, whose life immortalized the family when she was killed in the accident on Chappaquiddick Island on July 19, 1969."

Their only daughter snatched away from them because a drunken Ted was hoping to get lucky--again. I could live to be 150 years old and still never understand how the people of Massachusetts could ever think of returning this piece of crap back to the U.S. Senate. Possibly, you have some insight.

For the best comprehensive look at what happened that night on Chappaquiddick Island in 1969, click here. BBC news article here. And a most interesting NYT article from 1989, click here.--(HT Radio Patriot)

In his own words, Ted tells us what "really happened" that night--YouTube, for whatever reason, won't allow an embed.

Below is a photo of Ted wearing his "photo-op" neck brace as he and his wife, Joan, leave a funeral mass for Mary Jo.

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