Saturday, February 09, 2008


WARNING: Reading this could cause your hair to start on fire. You've been warned.

John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit just sent an email alert about our good friends at Verizon Wireless. After reading the post, it's clear to me that Verizon just needs a good, old fashioned, blogger beat down. Sometimes corporations simply lose their way and need a little economic slap up-side-the-head to get them back to thinking more clearly. From Marathon Pundit:

"A member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, Terry recently returned from his third tour duty in the Middle East. He is a genuine patriot and has proudly flown his unit's American flag over the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.

When he's not defending our country overseas, Terry Skiest works as a technician for Verizon Business. For three years, Terry displayed his American flag outside his cubicle. But when Terry left his flag hanging outside his cubicle during his last tour in Afghanistan, Verizon Business removed it.

A co-worker of Skiest's reported that a local manager said that the American flag 'could be considered to be propaganda' and 'might be offensive to some workers.'

Terry isn't trying to organize workers against VZB - he just wants to put the flag back up on his wall. Tell Verizon Business to put up Terry's flag."

MY THOUGHTS: Not only does Verizon need to put the flag back up, they need to issue an apology to Terry, all active-duty members of our Armed Forces, Veterans, and their families. Then, Verizon needs to make a SIZEABLE donation To SOLDIERS' ANGELS. I'm sure Patti Patton-Bader would have no trouble putting the donation to good use.

AND, I would like all of the above to be done at a televised press conference or through the use of a commercial. This is completely unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated for one second. Verizon should be taken to the woodshed on this one. No doubt about it. Based on Verizon's behavior, you'd think their corporate HQ is based in Berkeley.

If you'd like to get Verizon's attention, and I know you do, go here--it's all set up for you. There's a video with Terry telling the story.

Plus, you can get on the phone: Verizon Corporate in NYC 1-800-621-9900, FAX 1-813-229-3988


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